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Creative Playground is nothing without you, especially if you don’t currently feel like you are arty.

It’s a chance to have a go and be part of something bigger. You can get involved in small ways or develop more in depth connections.

Dip your toe in – you might have fun, feel like an explorer, become more confident or happier.

You never know who you might meet or what might happen. Go on, we’ll look after you.

Explore how you can get involved below.


Playmakers are volunteers who take part in the programme, make decisions about it and encourage others to get involved too. Everyone is welcome to become a Playmaker – you just have to live in Crawley and be open to trying new things. Maybe  you have a passion for reading, online gaming, listening to music, watching films, or am-dram. Perhaps you’re a business owner,  hair-dresser, delivery driver, teacher, or taxi driver. Whether you work in a pub, at Gatwick Airport, a care home or anything in between – this could be for you.

Interested? Sign up below.

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BOOST is here to help you bring your creative idea to life –  whether it’s just a spark or a fully formed plan. 

BOOST offers cash contributions, in-kind support from the Creative Playground team, or connections to networking opportunities. The only thing we ask is that your idea takes place in Crawley and is made to happen by Crawley people.

Read the FAQs on BOOST here.

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We want to make sure local people can make creative things happen in Crawley. Drive offers skills sharing opportunities, mentoring and other informal training opportunities. 

Invite Us

We’d like to meet you and your people, listen to what’s important to you, and tell you about Creative Playground. 

Invite us to your regular or one-off events by emailing us at or by sending us a WhatsApp message or calling us on 07951 122157.

Image by Ian Greenland
A woman seen in profile, with black hair in a ponytail and wearing sunglasses and a black and white stripy t-shirt stands leaning against a blue background. She is holding a Dachshund dog with a red jacket on who looks quizzically into the camera.

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