Find out how BOOST could help you make a new idea happen.

How can we help you help the people of Crawley to enjoy and experience more creativity?

BOOST can give you some help, resource and advice on how to do it.

What form can a BOOST come in?

In several forms, including cash contributions or in kind support from the Creative Playground team, or connections to networking opportunities. The only thing we ask is that your work or idea takes place in Crawley and is made by a Crawley person (a resident or someone who works or studies in Crawley)

What kinds of ideas can we support?

To us creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new and the ability to produce or use original and unusual ideas with inventiveness.

We think creativity runs through every day life in all areas. We are interested in all sorts of art forms including: cooking, gardening, craft, design, film, TV, music, theatre, dance, radio, photography, architechture, heritage and visual arts.

If you have an idea that you think is creative and you’d like to talk it through before applying, get in touch.

Who will decide if I am successful?

The Creative Playground team look at all the ideas submitted and share the ones that connect best with the project values with the Playmakers to make decisions at least twice a year. When you submit the idea we’ll let you know when the next meeting is.

Playmakers are a group of local volunteers who meet every now and again to make decisions about what the Creative Playground programme will be.

Who can apply? 

Any individuals (not organisations) who live, work or study in Crawley.

How can I apply?

Fill in this form or send us a video or voice recording that responds to the questions on the form via email or upload to the form.

If you’d rather share your idea in a different format, or would like to talk with us about the easiest way for you to apply please get in touch.

What’s the application process?

There are two deadlines coming up:

  • Wednesday 6th December 2023, 11am
  • Monday 18th March 2024, 11am

Send us the answer to the questions on the form by then and we’ll be back in touch within 1 month of the deadlines.

Image of Simple Cypher’s Roll Model at Broadfield Arts Festival by Ian Greenland

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