About us

Creative Playground is driven by lots of different people. There are Playmakers (the volunteers who help decide what the programme is), the Core Consortium who are volunteers and form a governing body for the project, the Creative  Playground staff team including freelance specialists and Community Connectors who are all employed by Creative Crawley (who manage the project). And then of course there’s you. The people who are interested in what we are up to but not yet involved. 

Meet the team

A picture of the Creative Playground team standing in a white backdrop. From left to right: Erin, a young white woman with brown hair wearing black and white check dungarees; Becky, a young white woman with ginger hair wearing a green and black dress; Pav, a middle aged Asian woman with long brown hair wearing a black blouse and grey trousers; Sam, a middle-aged white man with short brown hair and grey stubble, wearing a red sweatshirt and blue denim jeans; Louise, a middle aged white woman with a short bob and glasses wearing a cream and green floral blouse; Sophie, a middle-aged white woman with long curly brown hair wearing a black dress; and Harriet, a young white woman with ginger hair wearing a pale blue dress with black tights.

Hello, I'm Sophie my favourite things to do are singing in a choir and walking my black and white dog Mossy. I grew up near Crawley and was a regular visitor to Tilgate Park and The Hawth. I now live in Croydon with my family including two lovely teenage daughters. My work background is in theatre and mainly focused on London so it is inspiring to be in Crawley planning and making excellent creative opportunities happen all over the town. I love meeting people and hearing about what they like to do. We are hoping this project will make Crawley an even better place to live and work so come and talk to us!

Sophie Eustace Project Co-Director

Hi, I’m Becky. I love swimming in the sea, mostly in Cornwall and Brighton, watching experimental performance stuff in unusual spaces, baking anything sweet - I even made a wedding cake last year!

I have a few friends that live in Crawley and my partner’s dad was a Builder and worked on building Crawley Town. I’m so excited to be working with Creative Playground as there’s such a buzz of possibility. Also, I thrive when making stuff happen with brilliant people and this is the best place to do just that!

Becky Jones Community Producer

Hello, I'm Louise and I love swimming in the sea, going to live performances and hanging out with my family and friends.

I was born and grew up in Crawley. I went to Ifield Community College and lots of my family still live in Ifield and Broadfield too.

I feel honoured to be able to focus my work on Crawley having been away producing contemporary artworks all around the UK and the world for a long time. It's a privilege to work with the people of Crawley and the Creative Playground team to bring some creative, joyful togetherness to the town.

Louise Blackwell Project Co-Director

I am Sam. I have been working in Crawley on a casual basis for two years so I am really excited to be working on this project for the town. Before working here, I have worked in venues in London and toured the UK, Europe and the world as a Production Manager on dance and theatre shows. I am really excited to share my passion for creating work with as many people as possible and welcoming new people to the creative industries. Outside of work, I really enjoy going to live sporting and musical events and spending a lot of time outdoors in parks, in the countryside or in my garden.

Sam Evans
Head of Learning & Development

Hi, I’m Erin. You'll often find me in a pair of dungarees. On days off am happiest hunting out food markets and great places to eat, or seeking out an adventure, hiking up hills, exploring cities and coastlines. I grew up in the South East and love all the unique identities of the towns that make it up. I’m excited to be with the Creative Playground as I love working in hyper-local neighbourhood spaces and talking to new people. I look forward to working with you, and as many people in Crawley as possible, to create more spaces where people can play, exchange, be curious and inventive.

Erin Beesley Community Engagement Manager

Hi, I'm Pav and I enjoy connecting with nature, my happy place is spending time in my garden and going for walks with my family and friends. I'm a huge foodie and love trying out different things when travelling to new places. Having lived and worked in Crawley for over 20 years, I've had the pleasure of supporting the diverse mix of communities across the town. I'm super excited to be a part of the Creative Playground Team, so that we can help bring more creativity into people's everyday lives.

Pav Randhawa Evaluation & Admin Assistant

Hello, I’m Harriet. I love performing in my own time and taking part in local societies musical shows. I have two beautiful boys and we enjoy going for walks at different National Trusts, whatever the weather. I’m a Crawley girl, born and bred and have always been fascinated with theatre and the arts, so to bring more of this into my home town is something I am really passionate about! I’m excited to be a part of this wonderful programme and spreading the word about these amazing opportunities in Crawley with a mix of cool, fun and heartwarming projects.

Harriet McDermott Communications & Admin Assistant

Hi I’m Lana and I love spending time with family and friends, trying new experiences, cooking and gardening. My background is in creative placemaking, animating public spaces via arts and cultural activities working with communities nationwide. I’m very excited to work with the Creative Playground on the murals project, celebrating local Crawley residents and the diverse communities of the town.

Lana Needham Murals Producer

A woman wearing a pale floral hijab stands behind a buggy with a little boy next to her. They both smile and clap their hands.










Core Consortium

The Core Consortium are the governing body for the Creative Playground project. They are like a board. They give strategic direction and and financial oversight. They are representatives from a range of local organisations. They give their time for free. Manor Royal Business District is the lead organisation and accountable body for the project. Dave Watmore is the Independent Chair and Steve Sawyer, Executive Director, Manor Royal Business District, Vincent Wooton, Crawley LGBTQU+, Darren Ford, Director, Crawley Town Community Foundation and Graeme Russell, General Manager, The Hawth Theatre form the consortium.

A picture of the Creative Crawley team showing three men and two woman standing laughing and smiling against a wall painted with brightly coloured flowers.

Our Partners

We work in partnership with local, regional and national organisations to achieve our aims. 

Arts Council England is the lead funder for Creative Playground, providing support through Creative People and Places. This programme focuses on parts of the country where involvement in arts and culture is significantly below the national average. There are currently 39 Creative People and Place projects around the country and funding for Creative Playground is in place until March 2025
We are working with Crawley Town Centre BID to present Estabrak's Homecoming as part of the Light Festival in the town centre in November 2023
We are working with Crawley Borough Council to develop and present the Everyday Crawley People murals in the town centre in March 2024.
Crawley College give us an office on the second floor of the Longley II building. We are working closely with them to involved their staff and students in heling to shape the Creative Playground programme.
We are working with Brighton Dome & Festival to develop connections between their programme and the people of Crawley.
Applied Systems were kind enough to donate some screens for our office.
Metrobus supported our initial brand awareness launch campaign by giving us advertsing space on their buses in Crawley.













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