Welcome to Creative Playground

Creative Playground is about being creative, sharing experiences and connecting with others.

Help shape Crawley’s creative future. Your way, in your town.

Our Core Values

A picture of the Creative Playground team standing in a white backdrop. From left to right: Erin, a young white woman with brown hair wearing black and white check dungarees; Becky, a young white woman with ginger hair wearing a green and black dress; Pav, a middle aged Asian woman with long brown hair wearing a black blouse and grey trousers; Sam, a middle-aged white man with short brown hair and grey stubble, wearing a red sweatshirt and blue denim jeans; Louise, a middle aged white woman with a short bob and glasses wearing a cream and green floral blouse; Sophie, a middle-aged white woman with long curly brown hair wearing a black dress; and Harriet, a young white woman with ginger hair wearing a pale blue dress with black tights.

Different people

coming together

in new ways

Creative Playground places residents & other locals at the heart of decision making.
Through boundless thinking, energy and commitment, the project will improve people’s lives by increasing Crawley people’s involvement in arts and culture. 

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