Crawley Stories: Podcast Series

This is a graphic to promote the podcast. It has text at the top that reads 'Crawley' in white writing and 'Stories' in pink writing. The background colour is purple. In the bottom left corner there is a pink squiggle depicting a path. In the bottom right corner there are5 white shoe prints.

Crawley Stories explores young people’s thoughts, feelings and memories of their local area as they take artists on physical journeys around their hometown of Crawley. Encompassing everything from their walk to school, the places they hang out, where they go to for some peace, and the places they feel most alive and connected, these journeys have unearthed how they feel about Crawley and the world around them, their hopes, and what they feel is important.

Crawley Stories is our first collaboration with Theatre Centre and Creative Crawley.

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“Being part of Crawley Stories was a phenomenal experience. Being able to have a genuine conversation with another creative whilst showing them some memorable places in town was so special.”

— Iffat, young person from Crawley

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