Homecoming by Estabrak / إستبرق

Two figures in shadow with their backs to the camera point at what looks like digital screen with blue writing and doodles drawn on it.

HOMECOMING gathers and collects a wide response of peoples’ ideas of what Home is to them, to us, and our feelings towards it.

It is created by Estabrak’s / إستبرق – an award winning cross-disciplinary artist, film maker, facilitator and researcher committed to experimentation, inclusivity and a participatory arts practice. It’s produced by Marlborough Productions, a catalyst for queer culture and community.

We are working in partnership with a range of community groups in the lead up to the main installation in November 2023 to listen to and create a conversation about what home means to the people of Crawley.

The project is an on-going interactive installation made for public participation where anyone can contribute to the blackened out walls of any public space, by either writing or drawing with UV pens in any language they choose onto the walls directly.

Homecoming intends to help push the boundaries of participatory practice by presenting artwork/s influenced by the exchange between under-represented, vulnerable and ethnic minority groups and the general public. If you or someone you know might be interested in getting involved, please get in touch. 

Homecoming is a self directed multi layered participatory project using community engagement, film, sound and paint for cross-cultural exchanges around identity, home, belonging and displacement. Developed in multiple locations including London, Marlow, Hull and Brighton. Find out more about the project and Estabrak, the artist leading it, here.

We are working in partnership with Crawley Town Centre Business Improvement District and Crawley Borough Council to make this happen.

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