What’s it like to be a Playmaker?

Hear from one of our first Playmakers Iyadh Daoud.

In March 2023, we gathered a group of Crawley people to spend some time over seven weeks, with Louise and Sophie (the Co-Directors of Creative Playground) and engagement specialist Lisa Baxter to create the foundations for the project, develop the values and understand what the project needs to do through a Theory of Change process.

Iyadh Daoud was one of those people and here he talks about what is was like to be involved as one of the first Playmakers on the project.

‘Taking part in the “Theory of Change” workshops was enjoyable and provided a novel assessment process for establishing Community needs. The results gave us a comprehensive picture of lived experience of Crawley people, and the impact the project would have on that experience. This creative process was educational and rewarding.

Of all the good project objectives that emerged, my favourite one is, to bring people together in new and different ways across generations, faiths, cultures, backgrounds and neighbourhoods to deepen mutual understanding, power cultural exchange and inspire friendship.

Having attended a Creative Playground event at a School recently, you could see the fun and joy experienced by all those present. What a wonderful start for more beautiful creative events to come. Onwards and upwards.’

Iyadh Daoud

You can read the Theory of Change document here:  Creative Playground People’s Theory of Change.

You can find out more about becoming a Playmaker here.

Image by Kaleido Shoots.

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