Playmaker (volunteer)

If you want to meet new people, influence and decide upon the Creative Playground programme, experience new shows and events, learn new things and have some fun, this could be for you. 

Playmakers are a group of people who participate in Creative Playground Come With Us and Free Friday events plus regular meet ups to decide what happens in the programme.

You can take part as little or as much as you want to. You might come to one Free Friday or Come With Us event and you will be a Playmaker.

You might usher at an event or put some marketing materials up then you will be a Playmaker.

You might take part in weekly events and then come to a Playmaker Panel meeting. You’ll be a Playmaker.

If you want to influence how Crawley can be more creative then this could be for you.

Give us a call or What’s App us on 07951 122157, or send an email at We’d love to  hear from you.

A group of people of all ages and ethnicities stand and crouch in a tight group, smiling and waving into the camera. They are outside amongst trees, with a gazebo behind them bearing the Creative Playground logo.

Image by Ian Greenland

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