Illustrator Callout – Book Of Crawley

We are looking for a freelance Illustrator to work with Creative Playground and artists Beckie Darlington and Andy Field on the Book of Crawley project. 

This engagement will involve interpreting a range of materials, all written and created by Year 5 children (aged 8-9), and creating 20-24 images of varying sizes to be published in a printed guidebook about Crawley.

Dates of Engagement: 12th February 2024 to 15th March 2024

Fee: £1,200 +VAT (if applicable) (based on created 20-24 images of varying sizes)

Deadline for applications: Thurs 7th December 2023, 9am


What is the Book of Crawley?

The Book of Crawley is a printed guidebook to the town created by local Year 5 school children across 4 schools in collaboration with artists Andy Field and Beckie Darlington. Part fictional imagining, part actual guidebook, the book is an opportunity for adults to see and experience a place through the eyes of some of its youngest inhabitants.

The project attempts to ask some big questions about our towns and cities.

  • Who gets to decide what is or isn’t worth seeing?
  • Who makes decisions about what places are worth preserving and what can be allowed to fall into ruin or disappear completely?
  • Who tells the stories that define the identity of our towns and cities?
  • How can we begin to empower people to tell new stories, and challenge those with power to listen to them?


Illustrator Brief

The illustrator will use a text-version of the guidebook written by the children to produce a range of 20-24 illustrations (2-7cm) to be peppered throughout the book, including a front page illustration, maps, flag, and interpretations of the children’s ideas.

We are looking for an illustrator with experience in interpretation and use of detail and the ability to echo and represent children’s ideas in their style.


How to apply: Read the Book of Crawley – Illustrator Callout for full information including project history, previous Books of Your Town and selection criteria.

Click here to see Previous ‘Book of Your Town’ guidebooks

If you have questions about the project and/or application process, please contract our Community Engagement Manager Erin Beesley by emailing or calling 07932 402 116.

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